Conference Papers

André, P., Kraut, R.E., and Kittur, A.
Effects of Simultaneous and Sequential Work Structures on Distributed Collaborative Interdependent Tasks
In: CHI 2014.

Chilton, L., Kim, J., André, P., Cordeiro, F., Landay, J., Weld, D., Dow, S., Miller, R., and Zhang, H.
Frenzy: Collaborative Data Organization for Creating Conference Sessions
In: CHI 2014.

André, P., Kittur, A., and Dow, S.P.
Crowd Synthesis: Extracting Categories and Clusters from Complex Data
In: CSCW 2014.

Yu, L., André, P., Kittur, A., and Kraut, R.E.
A Comparison of Social, Learning, and Financial Strategies on Crowd Engagement and Output Quality
In: CSCW 2014.

André, P., Zhang, H., Kim, J., Chilton, L., Dow, S.P., and Miller, R.C.
Community Clustering: Leveraging an Academic Crowd to Form Coherent Sessions
In: HCOMP 2013. Notable Paper Award

Kim, J., Zhang, H., André, P., Chilton, L.C., Mackay, W., Beaudoin-Lafon, M., Miller, R.C., and Dow, S.P.
Cobi: A Community-Informed Conference Scheduling Tool
In: UIST 2013.

André, P., Bernstein, M., and Luther, K.
Who Gives a Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content.
In: CSCW 2012. Best Paper, Honorable Mention.

Kittur, A., Khamkar, S., André, P., and Kraut, R. E.
CrowdWeaver: Visually managing complex crowd work.
In: CSCW 2012.

André, P., Sellen, A., schraefel, m. c., and Wood, K.
Making Public Media Personal: Nostalgia and Reminiscence in the Workplace.
In: BCS HCI 2011.

Bernstein, M.S., Monroy-Hernández, A., Harry, D., André, P., Panovich, K. and Vargas, G.
4chan and /b/: An Analysis of Anonymity and Ephemerality in a Large Online Community.
In: ICWSM 2011. Best Paper Award.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Dix, A. and White, R. W.
Expressing Well-Being Online: Towards Self-Reflection and Social Awareness.
In: iConference 2011.

Van Kleek, M., Moore, B., Karger, D., André, P. and schraefel, m. c.
Atomate It! End-user Context-Sensitive Automation using Heterogeneous Information Sources on the Web.
In: WWW 2010.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Dix, A. and White, R. W.
Experience in Social Affective Applications: Methodologies and Case Study.
In: alt.chi 2010.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Teevan, J. and Dumais, S. T.
Discovery Is Never By Chance: Designing for (Un)Serendipity.
In: ACM Creativity & Cognition 2009.

André, P., Cutrell, E., Tan, D. S. and Smith, G.
Designing Novel Image Search Interfaces by Understanding Unique Characteristics and Usage.
In: INTERACT 2009.

André, P., Teevan, J. and Dumais, S. T.
From X-Rays to Silly Putty via Uranus: Serendipity and its Role in Web Search.
In: CHI2009.

Teevan, J., Cutrell, E., Fisher, D., Drucker, S. M., Ramos, G., André, P. and Hu, C.
Visual Snippets: Summarizing Web Pages for Search and Revisitation.
In: CHI 2009.

Wilson, M. L., André, P. and schraefel, m. c.
Backward Highlighting: Enhancing Faceted Search.
In: UIST2008.

André, P., Wilson, M. L., Russell, A., Smith, D. A., Owens, A. and schraefel, m. c.
Continuum: designing timelines for hierarchies, relationships and scale.
In: UIST2007.

Smith, D. A., Owens, A., schraefel, m. c., Sinclair, P., André, P., Wilson, M., Russell, A., Martinez, K. and Lewis, P.
Challenges in Supporting Faceted Semantic Browsing of Multimedia Collections.
In: SAMT 2007.

André, P., Chapman, M., Frazer, A., Hargood, C., Hayton, A., Hooper, C., Willingham, G., Martinez, K. and schraefel, m. c.
Rules of Engagement: design attributes for social interactions.
In: BCS HCI 2006.

Articles, Book Chapters

Van Kleek, M., André, P., Moore, B., Karger, D. and schraefel, m. c.
Mixing the reactive with the personal: Opportunities for end-user programming in personal information management.
In: No Code Required: Giving Users Tools to Transform the Web, Morgan Kaufman, 2010.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Teevan, J. and Dumais, S.
Designing for (un)serendipity – computing and chance.
The Biochemist, 31 (6), 2009.

Panel, Workshop and Poster Papers

Zhang, H., André, P., Chilton, L., Kim, J., Dow, S., Miller, R., Mackay, W., and Beaudoin-Ladon, M.
Cobi: Communitysourcing Large-Scale Conference Scheduling
CHI 2013 Interactivity

Tomlinson, B., Ross, J., André, P., Baumer, E., Patterson, D., Corneli, J., Mahaux, M., Nobarany, S., Lazzari, M., Penzenstadler, B., Torrance, A., Callele, D., Olson, G., Silberman, S., Stünder, M., Palamedi, F., Salah, A., Morrill, E., Franch, X., Mueller, F., Kaye, J., Black, R. W., Cohn, M. L., Shih, P. C., Brewer, J., Goyal, N., Näkki, P., Huang, J., Baghaei, N., and Saper, C.
Massively distributed authorship of academic papers.
alt.chi 2012.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Dix, A., White, R. W., Bernstein, M. and Luther, K.
Designing for Schadenfreude (or, how to express well-being and see if youʼre boring people).
In: CHI 2010 Workshop on Microblogging.

André, P., schraefel, m. c., Dix, A.
I feel so 1323 today: Capturing, Portraying, and Interpreting Well-being Online.
Poster paper at UIST2009.

schraefel, m. c. and André, P.
Interacting with eHealth – Towards Grand Challenges for HCI.
Panel at CHI2009.

schraefel, m. c., White, R. W., André, P., and Tan, D.
Investigating Web Search Strategies and Forum Use to Support Diet and Weight Loss.
In: CHI ’09 Extended Abstracts.

Van Kleek, M., André, P., Karger, D. and schraefel, m. c.
Personalized Experiences for End-User Programming on the Web.
In: EUP Workshop at CHI’09.

Van Kleek, M., André, P., Perttunen, M., Bernstein, M., Karger, D., Miller, R. and schraefel, m.
AtomsMasher: Personal Reactive Automation for the Web.
Poster paper in UIST2008.

André, P., schraefel, m., Wilson, M. L. and Smith, D. A.
The Metadata is the Message.
In: Web Science Workshop at WWW2008.

André, P., schraefel, m., Van Kleek, M. and Karger, D.
Bringing the Semantic Web home: a research agenda for local, personalized SWUI.
In: CHI 2008 SWUI Workshop.

Van Kleek, M., Bernstein, M., André, P., Perttunen, M., Karger, D. and schraefel, m. c. Simplifying knowledge creation and access for end-users on the SW.
In: CHI 2008 SWUI Workshop.

schraefel, m. c., André, P. and Van Kleek, M.
This Time It’s Personal: from PIM to the Perfect Digital Assistant.
In: CHI2008 PIM Workshop.

André, P., Wilson, M. L., Owens, A. and Smith, D. A.
Journey planning based on user needs.
In: CHI ’07 extended abstracts.